Help Your Business Members Reach The Best Customers

The ones right outside their stores

The KERB Sidewalk Concierge shows people what's going on in your community right here, right now.

Keeping them there longer.

Put your community on the map...

What to do

Images that entice people in the blink of an eye

How to get there

Time, distance and even terrain for the confidence to explore

Fresh opportunities

Time sensitive, community wide opportunities to show why special is special

Maps built for communities

From landmarks for orientation, to details and branding, it looks and feels like this place

Public services

A safer, more comfortable experience for everyone

Smarter search

Fast, easy discovery without playing favorites

The KERB Sidewalk Concierge's exclusive Way-finding/Bulletin Board system engages directly with everyone on the sidewalks of your community. Showing people what's going on around them so they can navigate easily and confidently

...and in their hand

Your community

When people are in your community they'll see your maps and branding

Fresh opportunities

Time sensitive, community wide opportunities. All the more reason to hang around for something new

With the KERBnow mobile app, your visitors and locals can instantly see what's going on around them and take it with them

The KERB Sidewalk Concierge

For the community that has everything!

(And wants everyone to know about it)



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