The Sidewalk Concierge by KERB.

Exploring a community just got a whole lot easier!

Help visitors act like locals who know the ins and outs of the neighborhood and locals act like visitors exploring a city for the first time!

KERB grabs people while they are on the street and takes them to a whole new level of discovery within your community. Delivering real time information to people when and where they need it, KERB's sidewalk concierge combines maps, polls, local business specials and more. No more guessing what to do, where to go or lost opportunities.

You can’t find what you’re not searching for.

Reach more people with more timely information, at a glance.

The brain processes an image in less than 15 thousandths of a second. Even knowing which app to use, let alone what you’re searching for, can’t match the speed of a simple glance.

KERB interactive sidewalk displays present fleeting opportunities directly over a real-time community map, showing everyone at a glance precisely where to go. Hot scones over there. Nature walk in 10 minutes. Vote for your favorite attraction. Sidewalk detour there. KERB shows the people most able to take advantage, what's right here, right now. Show everyone something they wouldn’t have been looking for, driving more excitement and business, across the entire community

Easy for you, more engaging for everyone.

A KERB turnkey, automated solution for your community is easier than you think.

KERB automatically captures real-time updates from the community, lets businesses tweet their messages directly to the street and cities notify everyone. All with their own dashboard to manage their systems and their results. The KERB Ambassador app lets you capture changes on the street and automatically post updates.

Getting a KERB solution for your community helps you keep internal staff resources low. A KERB community project advocate manages everything from planning to design and launch. And KERB provides a full service, replacement and maintenance program to keep the system up and running.

Integrated, from A to Z.

  • Integrated, from A to Z.
  • Hablas español? Français? ロシア KERB does
  • Automatic real-time updates
  • Interactive community Polls
  • Live Data display bus locations, construction detours, parking availability and more**.
  • Instant local merchant messaging, advertising and outreach platform
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Capture new business info, locations, nature walks and more with KERB Ambassador app.
  • iBeacon microlocation technology
  • Emergency notices, Amber Alerts, instantly providing directions to safety
  • Voice from street call system that connects to help, instantly
  • No construction required, KERB fits right to light poles, sipping tiny amounts of electricity.
  • Tough enough to take whatever the weather and the community throws at it.
  • Real-time environmental monitoring of temperature, sound and more.
  • System wide security, from the street to the cloud.
  • Real-time foot traffic data reporting
  • Optional safe area lighting with video monitoring
  • Connect other devices to the Internet, everywhere

Discover what real-time hyperlocal guidance can do for your community.



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