Get in front of
All the right people

The ones right outside your door.

KERB enables you to show exactly what’s special, at this moment, at your business or venue to the people most likely to take advantage of all you’ve got to offer.

A network of interactive displays, placed in stores, public spaces and on the sidewalks around your neighborhood, combined with an exclusive hyper local app, KERB enables you and your community to literally be in front of everyone.

Right Here. Right Now.

Show them
What they are missing

Research shows people go to the one or two places they know, then leave.

KERB helps you change that.

Let Lucy show you how it works...

Capture It, Share It
Create Buzz

In the moment

Daily specials, spur of the moment events, last minute opportunities. Simply take a photo, write a caption and post to the KERB.

Be a local

For the community, by the community from merchants to nonprofits, retail to entertainment so you can keep everything local, for locals and visitors alike.

On the map

Custom wayfinding shows where it’s happening, local landmarks, points of interest, historical walks, transit locations. It’s all right here.

From countertops to sidewalks
and every place between

Hosted Indoors

Simply plug in, log-in,and go! Standard countertop, or choose from optional wall mount and floor stands.

On The Sidewalk

So everyone can see and be seen. From walking directions to events, transit and even emergency services.


Visitors and locals alike see exactly what’s going on around them, where to go, how to contact and even share with their friends.